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To provide clean water to almost half a million people Rotary clubs are working together to provide effective waste treatment for everyone living in the watershed of Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. Working with the municipalities in the region they have identified that the first priority is to focus on the uppermost municipality in Lake Atitlan’s watershed. They will improve existing wells, protect springs and provide potable water for four communities in Santa Lucia.  

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Posted by Peter Kasango on Nov 09, 2017
Life has been renewed for the community members of Buffujja and Naluhonjohe by two back-to-back water, sanitation, and hygiene projects coordinated by the Rotary Club of Bweyogerere Namboole (E. Uganda, Africa) and the Rotary Club of Bellingham (Washington State, USA).  The people of Buffujja (population 6,000) and Naluhonjohe (population 10,000) now wake up every day with assured access to safe drinking water thanks to Rotary. These two impactful projects were funded by grants provided by the Rotary Club of Bellingham, District 5050, and the Rotary Foundation (GG 1417543 and GG 1743510).
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Posted by MAB on Nov 06, 2017
The Rotary clubs Woodside/PortolaValley, San Mateo Sunrise and Peninsula, working through the H2Opendoors organization installed a water purification system for a rural hospital in Nicaragua.  
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Posted by Avner Fuchs
An international water and sanitation symposium, recently held in Tel Avv, Israel, brought together representatives from around the world. The focus was on the importance of education as an important first step in dealing with the WASH issues the world faces.
The speakers at the conference agreed that the water crisis is not due to lack of resources, but is due to poor management of the existing resources.
"Rotary Hands Across Water" was an interesting component of the symposium. Junior high school students exhibited various projects on the efficient use of depleting water resources.
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Posted by Nancy Gilbert
WASH in Schools (WinS)
After a full needs assessment, five schools in the Niger Delta have been selected for a Water, Sanitation and Hygiene project. Clubs can provide the complete funding for a project or work together with other clubs to jointly sponsor a project. 
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District 3054 that covers the area of Rajasthan, India has undertaken a Signature Project of Providing Wash, Sanitation, and Hygiene facilities in 500 Government Schools.
They are seeking International Partner to assist with this significant WASH project. We have designed six projects for these 500 schools each having a budget of around $150,000. We would welcome International Partner who can contribute around $30-40 thousand out of their District Designated Funds. Smaller contribution are also welcome. We are looking for two to four partners for each project.
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On September 14, 2017, an international symposium organized by the Israel Rotary District's Water and Sanitation Committee, chaired by WASRAG Ambassador PDG Avner Fuchs, will focus on the Global Water and Sanitation Crisis - Alleviation by Education and Training. 
Next to this symposium will be the Rotary Hands Across Water Cross Culture Education program, where exceptional students will present their innovative solutions to the global water crisis.   
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By Bob Wubbena, Jim McGill and Greg Bucove
The first piped rural water systems in Livingstonia Malawi was constructed 100 years ago by Dr Law. In 2006, a group of Rotary Clubs working with Central Church of Africa Presbyterian (CCAP) and village leadership completely rebuilt and expanded the system.  The totally gravity flow water system now serves 10 villages and the commercial center of the Livingstonia Plateau, which includes the rural University of Livingstonia and  a hospital. The system provides water to about 20,000 people.
The water supply is a "high elevation two spring supply" that flows at low flow with about 20 litres per second.  The watershed is protected by village rules and the entire area and system is under the over site of the Central Church of Africa Presbyterian.  The two springs were redeveloped with two screened intakes that flow into a five chamber concrete settling basin--the only treatment of the water.  Future plans call for some disinfection, however the water is of very good quality.  The water flows from the Settling Chamber about two miles down through a valley and back up to the Plateau to several storage tanks.  One of the ten villages is served off of this transmission line.  The other nine villages and the Plateau are served from the terminal storage tanks on the Plateau.
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By Jamil Mouawad
Rotary Clubs of Lebanon Mega Project - "Securing Clean Water in Lebanese Public Schools"
The mission of our Organization is to invest in meaningful and innovative services, which encourage the cooperation of multiple clubs in the district in general and Lebanon in specific.
Water Filtration for Public Schools in Lebanon has been identified as a Mega project aiming to encourage cross-cultural understanding, fellowship and goodwill.
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By Bob Chagrasulis, Rotary Club of Rotary Club of Farmington Maine USA  RD 7790
In the eastern Dominican Republic, sugar cane cutters and their families, largely Haitian immigrants, live in very primitive conditions and have many health concerns, including prevalent waterborne illnesses.  A recent Global Grant from Rotary International sponsored the purchase of 1560 Kohler Clarity water filters to provide potable water and to launch a new not for profit business to continue this WASH initiative in these communities.          
In March 2017 a team of US Rotarians travelled to the Dominican Republic to begin implementation of work approved in the Rotary Global Grant to provide Kohler CLARITY water filters to residents of “bateys” – sugar cane villages.  This was the first use of the new filter in the Dominican Republic, a grant funded program that will provide an initial 1560 filters to sugar cane cutters and their families. To learn more about the filter, visit:
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By Narayan Murarka, Suzanne Gibson, Mary Holcomb, Mark Gibson, Jorge Aufranc and Francisco Viau
The Barrington Breakfast Rotary Club, District 6440 in partnership with Club Rotario Guatemala Sur, District 4250 has been engaged in global grant projects in Guatemala since 2012-13.  We concentrated on the needs of people in one geographical area called “Sumpango,” Sacatepecaquez Department, all throughout these years and carried out the several major initiatives which expanded over time in both breadth and depth.  One of these initiatives is related to Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) in schools and focused on disease prevention and treatment of children and improving hygiene conditions within the community.
Outcome and Impact:               
Nine elementary and seven secondary schools in Sumpango municipality, Guatemala are being provided clean (chlorinated) running water; 24/7 availability with local storage tank; drink and wash stations; gender specific flush toilets; septic tank; drainage improvements; repaired leaky roofs; upgraded kitchens with running water, sink and drainage; new stoves with ventilation to eliminate smoke in the kitchen and more.
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