Going "Bateys" for Filters

By Bob Chagrasulis, Rotary Club of Rotary Club of Farmington Maine USA  RD 7790

In the eastern Dominican Republic, sugar cane cutters and their families, largely Haitian immigrants, live in very primitive conditions and have many health concerns, including prevalent waterborne illnesses.  A recent Global Grant from Rotary International sponsored the purchase of 1560 Kohler Clarity water filters to provide potable water and to launch a new not for profit business to continue this WASH initiative in these communities.          

Latrines of Hope

by Sounkalo Dembele
The construction or renovation of the 5 units composed of 19 latrines in the village of Dialakorodji has been sounded all over and beyond the village because of their timing and their adequacy in meeting the urgent needs.


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