WASH Digital Speakers Bureau

People who are passionate and knowledgeable about water, sanitation and hygiene are spread acround the world. WASRAG is developing a video library of WASH topics that can be used at e-Club and traditional Rotary Club meetings.
We are looking for presentations that are no more than 20 minutes in length and have good audio and visual quality. 

Transform International - Partners in Community Transformation

Great progress has been made globally reducing extreme poverty, increasing incomes and improving health. In 1993, 2 billion people lived on less than $1.90 a day (World Bank’s definition of “extreme poverty”). By 2012, that number had been halved. “There are big opportunities to continue progress stemming from technological breakthroughs in energy, agriculture, and medicine; increased trade among emerging markets; and a much greater exchange of ideas.

Micropore Filters provide Fiji with Clean Water

In Fiji, frequent rains contaminate more than 50 percent of the local water supplies with bacteria and other toxins. Due to the lack of clean drinking water, adults and children suffer from chronic illnesses. 

With a 2015 Global Grant, the Rotary Clubs of Point Loma (San Diego), San Diego Downtown, Savusavu (Fiji), and the Fiji Ministry of Health worked together to provide a sustainable improvement to the Fijian drinking water.

First Rotary WASH e-Club

With support from WASRAG, a new Rotary e-club is being established with a Water, Sanitation and Hygiene focus. Founded by District 9980 (New Zealand), the new club is seeking charter members from around the world. Rapidly advancing technology means that meetings can be held online and the WASH focus will extend to the new club's speakers as well as its projects.


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