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Latrines of Hope

by Sounkalo Dembele
The construction or renovation of the 5 units composed of 19 latrines in the village of Dialakorodji has been sounded all over and beyond the village because of their timing and their adequacy in meeting the urgent needs.

Rotaractors Making a Difference

Pure Thirst (PT) is a student-run organization housed at Duquesne University and supported by Rotary. Pure Thirst's mission is threefold: to educate, empower, and engage communities locally and abroad about the world's water crisis. With this in mind, Pure Thirst began their first project since becoming an organization at Duquesne University. Four of the group members travelled to the village of Olkokola, Tanzania July 15 - August 7 for the project.

Grant for WASH in Schools

In september, The Rotary Foundation approved a US $108,000 Global Grant involving the Rotary Club of Delhi Ashoka in District 3012 and The Rotary Club of Box Hill Central in District 9810. This project has specifically been designed under the auspices of the WASH in Schools Target Challenge.

Water is LIfe

For eight years, the Fishers Rotary Club, Indiana, USA, Freetown Rotary Club, Sierra Leone, and World Hope International have been working together to provide clean water to the people of Sierra Leone. Together they have raised over $500,000 and built 100 wells, providing 100,000 people with clean water.


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