Clean Water & Sanitation on Renewable Energy, Lubang Mindoro Philippines

This Renewable Energy Clean Water Sanitation project addressed the water and sanitation requirements for over 1,000 people from sitios in the islands of Cabra and Lubang, Occidental Mindoro, Philippines.   The islands are situated in the South China Sea, 110 km southwest of Manila.   Occidental Mindoro is ranked as the 14th poorest province in the Philippines with a per capita income of P7,611 (UDS250).

Traditionally, the residents of Sitios in Cabra Island, draw water in buckets from a 30-meter deep well and carry large containers to their homes, sometimes over a kilometer over the hilly rough terrain from the site of the well.  The economic activity is hampered with small roads and without any manufacturing industry, income is generated from vegetable and livestock farming.  However, very few vegetables are grown on Cabra Island due to insufficient access to water mainly from the deep well shared for drinking.  As a result, the communities do not have a well balanced diet as they cannot afford to import vegetables from mainland Philippines. This project provided a renewable energy technology solution for :

  1. Water pumped up from wells using electrical energy.
  2. Electrical energy provided by wind turbines, supplemented, when required by solar panels.
  3. Water is stored in an elevated water tank.
  4. Water is piped from the tank, using a gravity fed water distribution system to cluster locations in the island.

This is a Rotary Foundation Global Grant (25275) project with District 9800, 3810, Rotary Clubs of Brighton Beach, Melbourne, Lubang Island.  Also sought was participation from PPP – Private Public Partnership which included the  Philippine government Department of Science and Technology, local government of Lubang, SIBAT contractors and Engineers without Borders and land donation from the people of Lubang and Pulili.

Post the successful implementation, TRF with same Rotary partners, implemented  a similar infrastructure in the neighboring municipality of Looc (under Global Grant 1415300).



Project Type: 

  • Hygiene
  • Sanitation
  • Water



Local Language(s) Spoken: 

Tagalog, English
This Project was last updated on: Wednesday Nov 18th, 2015