Desilting in Water- Reservoirs for creating Rain Water Storage and facilitating seepage for Water Table Regeneration in Rural Areas in drought prone villages, near Pune, India



Project Type: 

  • Water



# of people benefited directly: 

About 1600 villagers

# of people benefited indirectly: 

About 3800 villagers

Total Budget Needed: 

$39 000.00

Amount Raised so Far: 

$5 000.00

Local Language(s) Spoken: 



Desilting of Water Reservoir : Time line for Implementation

The selection of beneficiaries and the related spade has already been done. Hence, RC Pune Pashan expects to execute the full project in a period of about 4 months starting in February 2017 to May 2017. This period is summer reason and there is no water in ponds , reservoirs and rivulets which will make the desilting operation faster and easier.

Desilting of Water Reservoir : Geographical Location of site

The 2 selected Villages Gurholi and Pandeshwar are located in Purandar Taluka, about 57 Kms from Pune and 8 Kms from Purandar in Maharashtra Province , and are situated on the Western Ghats, 830 and 642 Meters respectively above sea level. The developments in the adjacent areas have not touched villages in the Purandar Taluka and the sparse population mainly consists of subsistence farmers. The rugged and hilly area is without any catchments areas & dependent only on rainwater for drinking and agriculture. The Government of Maharashtra has designated the Purandar Taluka as a backward area & the population mainly consists of people below poverty line.

The purpose of this project Vis-à-vis Community

  • This project will make availability of drinking water within reach of villagers , make available water for fodder and help cultivation of local fruits for commercial purpose.
  • The project will directly help in regeneration of the ground water and increase the water table around it.
  • It will help in water availability for local animals such as ChinKara, wolf, hyena, pet animals , etc.
  • The project will also develop very good relationship with local village authorities and involve them and the community in the entire activity and the implementation of the proposed facilities will also promote rotary services and enhance Rotary’s image in the community.

Desilting of Reservoir & Rivulets : Estimated Cost of Project

Average spending of Rotary is INR 32 per cubic meter of desilting material out of ponds / reservoir and dispose off the silt to other filling areas. The budgeted cost is to be spent on  selected  9 reservoirs in 2 villages over a period of 3 months . 

Estimated expenses per desilting of Reservoir / pond           ..          INR            2.250 Million

Desilting of local rivulet                                                           ..          INR            0.405 Million

Total budget requirement :                                                                  INR            2.665 Million

                                                                           (say USD 39,000)    USD    38,970 

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