Drokri Clean Water

Clean Drinking Water Project for the Drokri Tibetan Community in Guian County.

The community has 90 households, 235 men and 275 women as well as 8,000 head of livestock.The project would pipe clean water from the source to standpipes closer to the community.

Guian County is home to 65'474 people of which 72.3% Tibetans. They engage in herding and farming. There is a lack in basic education facilities and inadequate access to basic health care and convenient water supply.

At present it is mainly women and children that have to haul water from a distance of up to nine kilometers on a daily basis. Having clean water nearer to their community would enable the women to do more productive work and the children to be educated.


This Project was last updated on: Wednesday Jul 29th, 2015