Latrines of Hope

by Sounkalo Dembele
The construction or renovation of the 5 units composed of 19 latrines in the village of Dialakorodji has been sounded all over and beyond the village because of their timing and their adequacy in meeting the urgent needs.
In fact a group of schools referred to as “Dialakorodji 1” benefited from the renovation 3 units composed of 12 latrines ranging from teachers’ latrines to students’ latrines (one unit for girl and another for boys), and a urinal.
The headmaster of the school Mr. Sissoko said: “the renovation will increase the use of the latrines especially by girls and us. Teachers have a decent place to go to. Thank you Rotary, thank you WASRAG!!!”
The Market of Dialakorodji benefited from one unit of four latrines. The market of Dialakorodji used to have a toilet but its condition was very bad. We pulled down that former one and built a new one of 4 latrines.
A woman in the market said: “We were obliged to shorten our market time or to go home then come back in case we needed to go to the toilet. Now we have the same level of comfort as our leader as far as latrines are concerned. God bless Rotary and all the people helping Rotary!’
A member of the trader’s cooperative said: Now we know that we are not forgotten and that we can expect that one day they will think about the entire management of our market. We could not believe that people like you will come in our market and, moreover, help us build such great latrines. God bless all of you and those who help you.”
Furthermore, our attention was drawn by a small school which is geographically located in the municipality of Dialakorodji but administratively manage by another municipality. The school has no latrines and it has got only two units composed of 4 classrooms and two other classrooms made of metal sheets. Due to the urgent need we decided to build one unit of 3 latrines. Since the beginning up to the end of the construction the workers benefited helps from both the schools authorities, the teachers, and the neighbors.
Mr. Coulibaly, a counselor of the village traditional head, said: “This will not only be helpful to the teachers and the students but also to all the neighboring families whose latrines were being used by both the teachers and the students. Therefore, they are very happy today. This is hope for us because now we know that we are not forgotten. Rotary and WASRAG think about us.”
Since the inauguration of the latrines of the market, the political and traditional authorities, and the civil society, all of them wanted some credits from the latrines because they are really appreciated by the population. We keep hearing good comments about the latrines. This is true for the other latrines. We are overwhelmed by requests from all over Mali concerning the creation of Rotary Community Corps (RCC) and building latrines.