Lethabong Village Gardens & Clinic

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Project Context:

South Africa is a water scarce Country, with a population of approximately 55 million people. Though The country has good Infrastructure, there is a great disparity  between Rich and Poor. It is estimated that the Unemployment of people of all races is around 30%. For the last year South Africa has suffered from extreme drought, Dam Levels and Rivers are at their lowest in 30 years, and water restrictions are enforced on a country wide basis.

Our Club identified a rural cum Urban Shack settlement to the east of Pretoria of some 4,000 people., the majority unemployed, and  living in the main on The monthly South African Social grant. The village has to have water trucked in on an irregular basisby the Tshwane (Pretoria) Municipality in order to obtail water . The Village is situated on former farm Land which was expropriated by the Government  some 8 years ago. The Former farm Owners had drilled a number of boreholes, that after expropriation the equipment Pumps, etc had been removed..These Boreholes numbering 4 have been unused for the last 8 years. In the Village there is also a government  Provincial Health Clinic. Water was supplied by Truck the same as the village. Ofetn for both Village and Clinic, there were  days with no water.

Project Description.

The Club identified that due to the lack of water within the village, and the erratic supply, tat there was an urgent need to supply some water on a permanent basis to supplement The existing trucked in water supply.and also there was an opportunity that if the villagers were given more water , They would be able to start gardening within the confines of the ground within their dwellings.

Thus in partnership with The Czech Republic Development Agency, a District Grant from D 9400, and Club Community funds,  resucitate 2 boreholes, Find permanent water for a borehole at the Clinic, and commence a gardening scheme for the villagers by training them how to grow vegetables, and to provide nutrition for them selves and their Children.

Project Action:  May to October 2016

When doing the budget for the project It was considered that the Funding from The Czech Development Agency, The Club and The District grant which in total amounted to US$ 15,000 would be sufficient to complete the Project.  A borehole was drilled for the Clinic,Water analysis carried out., The results  proved that the water was fit for consumption and if filtration provided The Clinic now is self sufficient for water. .A Pump and filtration system purchased.and installed. For the village two Boreholes were re drilled, as they had become Blocked. Water analysis was done, However a Major problem has arisen, as The water analysis shows that the 2 boreholes, do not comply with the municipality Water regulations in respect of human consumption, in that the nitrate levels are too high, and also the magnesium and iron levels are also too high.

Originally The Budget allowed for the financing of 2 manual pumps, as there is no electricity available in the immediate vicinity, and also by providing manual pumps there is less chance of theft, which in all these semi urban communities is high. The Club could not know  that the water avaialable was contaminated until The boreholes were re drilled.

To satisfy the Municipal regulations regarding water supply for Human consumption on a permanent basis requires for the water to be treated on a regular basis. The Municipality is prepared to take on this task, subject to Rotary confirming That they can supply un contanimated water.  We have currently exhausted our finance with the exception of USD$ 2,000, which was allocated to purchase a manual Pump. The problem is that we cannot treat the water successfully  with Chemicals and salts via a manual Pump. We now have to look for Financing of an electrical Pump, Tanks,  piping,  filtration, electrical cable, installation costs, and security to protect equipment., to satisfy the regulations before we can hand it over to the municipality for them to maintain it.


The Total value of what we need is USD $ 30,000 , to purchase and install. for 2 boreholes in order to complete the project We therefore as a club urgently seek an International partner to assist us, so That we can go forward  and apply for a global Grant.  

Past President Perry Garlick

Director Community Services & Foundation Officer

Pretoria Sunrise Rotary Club 




South Africa

Project Type: 

  • Water



# of people benefited directly: 

+/- 4000

# of people benefited indirectly: 


Total Budget Needed: 

$30 000.00

Amount Raised so Far: 

$2 000.00

Local Language(s) Spoken: 

Sapedi, Sotho, Zulu, Africaaans, English
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