Migori Water Project 2015

Provide roof harvested rainwater, latrines and handwash stations to 8 primary schools with over 3,500 students in Migori Kenya. This is a joint project led by the Rotary clubs of Suna Migori and Downtown Los Angeles. We are looking for partners.

Our last project was a great succes. We provided clean, reliable water to 4 schools and a clinic that benefited over 1500 students. Check out our video on youtube at

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Water Project, Migori, Kenya

I am curious about the cost of your project providing clean water to 4 schools.

  1. What was the water source? Lake, River, Well, other
  2. Were the schools widely seperated? 
  3. What kind of purification equipment did you use?
  4. Did you need to provide power to it? 
  5. Who installed it? 
  6. How much maintenance does it need and by whom?

We are considering projects like these and are interested in the costs to create a budget.

Kenya water project


Thanks for your inquiry.

1. The water is rain water collected from the iron roofs of the schools.  The river water is polluted and the wells are very expensive and unreliable.  This willl only work if you are in a location that gets regular rain.  This part of Kenya gets good  rain in October and February so it works there.

2. The schools are all over the place.  Separated by many miles.

3. No purification is needed as the rainwater is pure.  We installed a simple "first flush' device to dump the first part of a rain event onto the ground.  This gets rid of any dust, bird poop, etc.  i can send you details of this if you like.

4. No power.  It is all gravity feed.

5. It was installed by the local Rotary club, local tradesmen and the hard labour was by the local community.

6. Maintenance is minimal.  The only moving part is the tap.

It cost about US$5,000 per school.  This includes two 10,000 liter tanks, roof gutters, a hand basin for hand washing and a two door, handicapped accessible latrine. 

We are just wrapping up phase two of this program which did 8 more schools and a clinic.  We also started a small business to make and sell reusable sanitary pads.  Here are a couple of links to youtube videos about this.




Or search on youtube for "peter lattey, water is life"




Or search on youtube for "Peter lattey, tumia tena".


Where are you planning the projects?  Please send me your direct email and I can give you more information.  My email is peter@peterlattey.com


Peter Lattey




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