Mirim Orphanage Solar WASH Project


To install a bank of renewable energy (solar voltaic) water heaters on the roof of the Mirim School and to provide a year's supply of handwashing soap and instructional materials for the children about the importance of handwashing for disease prevention.



Mirim school has two three-storey school buildings with the total floor space of 3200 m2, and boarding houses with the total floor space of 2800 m2. There are 550 orphaned school children, (300 boys and 250 girls) living in the dormitories of the school. 250 Primary school students (7-10 years), 150 Junior middle school (11-13 years) and 150 Senior middle school (14-16 years). There are 180 staff looking after them. Currently, water for cooking, cleaning and bathing is heated using coal which is not only expensive but also pollutes the environment.

Read more about the extent of the need for WASH in the DPRK on the UN theme group: http://kp.one.un.org/theme-groups/water-sanitation-and-hygiene-wash/ 


We will purchase and install 2 lanes of 12 solar energy water heaters each plus 4 water storage tanks and supporting equipment and we will provide a year’s supply of toilet soap. 

The solar technology will be purchased from a local manufacturer in Pyongyang that will send staff for installation and setup and provide after sales technical service and support.

Toilet soap will be purchased from a local factory run by disabled people.  We will also produce pamphlets on personal hygiene for the staff at the orphanage to teach children about the importance of handwashing to prevent disease.

Read more background about Rotary projects in the DPRK here.


Korea North

Project Type: 

  • Hygiene
  • Water



# of people benefited directly: 


# of people benefited indirectly: 


Total Budget Needed: 

$19 595.00

Amount Raised so Far: 

$2 000.00

Local Language(s) Spoken: 



Rotary Backgrounder

Randal Eastman is the RI Special Representative to China, based in Shanghai.

Randal has been leading or facilitating Rotary projects in the DPRK since 2001 and visited the Mirim school in August to follow up another Rotary service project that was distributing soccer balls to Orphanages. During the visit we identified several other project opportunities to help the orphanage, of which the need for hot water for hand washing is one of the most fundamental. "Make Friends" above is a photo taken from our walk around in August.

This is the second "solar water heater" project that we have done in the DPRK. The first very small trial with one solar water heater sourced from China and provided to Pyongsong Orphanage. In this case we are focusing on a more sustainable solution.

Rotary Club of Charlottetown Royalty is taking the lead on this project with clubs in Canada.


Budget has been updated to reflect water storage tanks

On 29 December I received confirmation that 4 water storage tanks are needed to serve the two banks of 12 solar water heaters.

Budget has been updated accordingly to now total USD 19,585.

PDG Tom has sent me a note subsequently to say that several Canadian clubs are onboard but contribution numbers to be firmed up.

Happy New Year to all!

This Project was last updated on: Thursday Feb 18th, 2016