Nuevo Progreso

Rotary District Grant Proposal

Nuevo Progreso Guatemala Water Project

Storage and Distribution of Two Pumped Wells



The objective is to provide a sustainable potable water system to a community of 45 homes with a population of 225 inhabitants and a school that serves the needs of the village. The system design period is for 20 years, with a yearly growth factor of 3.8% per year computed in, the ultimate design is predicated on 473 inhabitants as well as the local primary school. Community organization, health and hygiene education and improved sanitation will all be incorporated in this project.  The Grant will provide funding to conduct a water quality analysis, improve and seal two existing wells, purchase and install two water pumps, a water storage tank, a pipeline, and individual connections for the rural community of Nuevo Progreso, Santa Lucía Utatlan, Sololá, Guatemala.


The Problem

Currently, many families in Nuevo Progreso must carry water home, on an uphill climb, from contaminated sources.  This not only causes water related illnesses, but it also requires a substantial amount of time, which could be better used for other purposes.  The task of hauling water home falls mostly on women and girls, and takes time away from girls’ schoolwork and essential maternal and household chores. 

The community is served by two different external water supplies. Both sources are intermittent in flow and of dubious quality. 20 houses, as well as the primary school do not have piped water and all water must be carried. The infrastructure on these water supplies are well over 20 years old and are in very poor condition.


Per Rotary International, one out of six people in the world do not have dependable safe drinking water and over 600,000 worldwide die from diarrhea each year. Water projects, particularly those concerned with serious health issues are one of the major areas of focus for Rotary as it looks to how to help the world in coming years.  To help address this critical need, The Rotary Foundation has established water and sanitation as “one of our highest priorities.” (Brad Howard, Rotary International Director Feb 1, 2015)


The Project Deployment

Agua del Pueblo (AdP) will manage tThe installation of two water pumps, storage, and pipelines.  AdP, a Guatemalan civil engineering non-profit organization, has been active in the region for more than four decades. AdP will be responsible for training the community on system maintenance and health and hygiene issues. AdP has completed the preliminary engineering design. The community has committed to perform all unskilled manual labor. The community through its water committee and COCODE (local community development committee) will actively participate in all decisions jointly made concerning the project. Each household will have a direct connection to potable water in their own home. Rotary will be involved in every aspect of the project from the planning to the design, the construction, and the evaluation. All houses in the community will be connected to the new water system supported by the two existing wells.


The Budget

The current budget estimate is $35,000 of which the municipal government has approved $5,000 in materials. So, a Grant in the amount of $30,000 is needed. 


The Impact


This project will benefit 45 households with approximately 225 family members as well as the local primary school, with 32 children and two teachers, and an early childhood program that serves 28 children and 15 mothers. The children and school are supported by Mil Milagros/A Thousand Miracles, a small NGO that works with the mothers, grandmothers, and teachers to prevent malnutrition and hunger and to improve health and education. Many members of the community will have access to water in their homes for the first time, saving time from having to haul water from rivers to their homes.  Also, the project is expected to improve health outcomes for children who will have access to water to form healthy hygiene habits such as washing hands to reduce illnesses.



Town of Nuevo Progreso


The children show their projects to their teacher




Children play on the playground the community built from recycled materials




Children eat lunch prepared by their mothers and provided by Mil Milagros

The mothers of Nuevo Progreso


The mothers carry materials to build the primary school




First well










Second well

Provisional “house” built for well and water pump


Trenching to date







Base built for provisional water tank (10,000 liters):


United States

Project Type: 

  • Hygiene
  • Sanitation
  • Water



# of people benefited directly: 


Total Budget Needed: 

$30 000.00

Amount Raised so Far: 

$5 000.00

Local Language(s) Spoken: 

Katchikel and Spanish


Nuevo Progreso - update

The host Rotary club recently approved this project.  Agua del Pueblo (AdP) performed the design and is available to manage the project.  AdP was founded in 1972 and has constructed over 700 water and sanitation projects in Guatemala.  

This Project was last updated on: Sunday Nov 27th, 2016