San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua WASH in schools project

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Because of ongoing drought conditions and non-existant water infrastructure WASH improvements in three schools were identified by the Rotary Club of San Juan del Sur as priorities to address out of a needs assessment of 45 schools. These 3 schools have great need and the Host club has sufficient relationships with the communities that will help ensure successful and sustainable outcomes. Ensuring a safe and sustainable water supply for 3 primary and kindergarten schools, by installing washbasins, potable water storage systems, hand pumps on wells, piping to ensure a consistent supply of water to each of these schools. Also converting outhouses to septic systems and workable toilets. Consistent supply of water and flushable toilets should have a dramatic affect on the health of students and teachers, therefore, increasing opportunities for learning and overall quality of life.  Currently, there are approximately 150 students and teachers in the 3 schools targeted by this project, but the improvements will benefit the communities the students come from as well as future generations, so that the ultimate impact will be to benefit thousands of children, teachers and family members. 



Project Type: 

  • Hygiene
  • Sanitation
  • Water



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Local Language(s) Spoken: 

Spanish, some English
This Project was last updated on: Monday Oct 17th, 2016