Sanitation Improvement within the watershed of the Merendon Preserve, San Pedro Sula, Cortes, Honduras

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The people of the Merendon Preserve primarily drink ground water in some form. The watershed drains in to the reservoir which feeds the city of San Pedro Sula water supply. Many of the households use water sand filters. The objectives of this global grant are to reduce/eliminate contaminated runoff in the watershed. The Latrines, sanitation training in health and personal hygiene in the communities selected will improve their overall health.

The households within the communities of Peñitas, San Antonio, Laguna de Tembladeros ,El Gallito and Santa Elena Vieja. will help to determine the best application of latrine for the particular geography of the villages selected.  We are also developing the best methods for applications in this mountaneous region.



Project Type: 

  • Hygiene
  • Sanitation




Approved by TRF

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Total Budget Needed: 

$197 001.00

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This project is an excellent opportunity for people to learn what the various steps are in a developing a sanitation effort, that involves a cultural change, training, and follow up for sustainability.  The villagers have assisted in the operational planning and are deeply involved with result objectives.

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