Sanitation system for DaySpring Childrens Village

DaySpring Children's Village meets the needs of vulnerable children in the farming community by providing safe accommodation for children who either do not have parents or whose parents do not or cannot provide a safe environment for these children. In addition, these children receive regular meals and a very caring education. The teachers who provide this education often do so only for a stipend or board and lodging.

At present long drop toilets and a small septic tank system are used. There are so many children in need that the school needs to expand but to do this, they need to drill another borehole and also install a more environmentally friendly system to cope with the sewerage from the school. After investigation of different options, biological treatment by activated sludge presents the most favourable option as it can grow with the school, is sustainable in a country where water is a very precious commodity, most systems have a 15 to 20 year lifespan and none of the systems we have investigated require sludge removal and handling. They are complete treatments that digest all waste that reports to the plant.


This Project was last updated on: Wednesday Jul 29th, 2015