WASH in Schools & Communities

Railmagra block of Rajsamand district in Rajasthan consists mainly of rural communities. The area is subject to droughts and floods and uncontrolled, unmanaged water supply. Ground water is often contaminated with high levels of naturally occuring flouride. Hygiene awareness, including menstrual health is very low and functioning toilets are few.

The project will now focus on 5 schools and 5 anagnwadis in the Panchayat of Khad Bamniya and will be a school WASH project

The target area

Railmagra block of the Rajsamand District in South east of Rajasthan is populated mainly by other backward classes (OBCs*)

v   Erratic rainfall, both droughts and floods [Monsoon July – September]

v   Inefficient water storage and use

v   Unregulated water extraction and lack of water management

v   Water pollution and decreasing quality

v   Little or poor access to water sources, toilets and bathing facilities.        - Especially a problem for women and girls 

v   Poor, non-separated or non-functional school toilets

v   Insufficient hygiene education

v   Lack of hand-washing facilities and soap

v   Approximately 40% of installed hand pumps in the area are non-functional or seasonally available only     

Project objectives

1.  Improve the quality and availability of the potable water for all schools and anganwadis in the Panchayat

2.  Install or upgrade for all schools and anganwadis, toilet, sanitation and hand-washing facilities with the necessary education and training support.

3.  Provide MH training and education for girls and young women attending schools and anganwadis. 

The ouputs and activities needed to achieve these objectives have now been defined and we expect to finalise the budget and implementation plans by January.



Baseline data is now being collected and an MOU being drafted so that we can move towards a global grant application as soon as possible.



Project Type: 

  • Hygiene
  • Sanitation
  • Water



# of people benefited directly: 

Schoolchildren 700 +

# of people benefited indirectly: 


Total Budget Needed: 

$50 000.00

Amount Raised so Far: 

$25 000.00

Local Language(s) Spoken: 

Hindi, Rajasthani, other dialects
This Project was last updated on: Monday Dec 5th, 2016