Water & Sanitation to 150 children in Goverment school

In the outskirts of Bangalore, there is a government school (Government Higher Primary School, Avalahalli) having around one hundred and fifty students of classes ranging from first to seventh standard.

Most of the children studying in this school are from poor socioeconomic background. Parents from surrounding areas are tempted to send their wards for petty works in order to earn small amount of money and reluctant to send their children to school.

This problem has been addressed partially by providing free midday meals to all students by an NGO. The midday meals has helped minimize dropout of the students.

However, the school lacks few basic facilities like separate toilets for boys and girls and drinking water.

Through Rotary club of Kalyan, we are trying to address the problem of dropout and quality education for the students by providing some of the essential facilities like separate toilets for boys and girls, tables and chairs, roof for the lobby, computers and other e-Learning facilities.



Project Type: 

  • Hygiene
  • Sanitation
  • Water


  • Adopt a School



# of people benefited directly: 

150 children

# of people benefited indirectly: 

600 parents

Total Budget Needed: 

$5 000.00

Amount Raised so Far: 


Local Language(s) Spoken: 



Invest on children

School life is an essential factor in shaping one’s life, skills, personalities and future. Every child who has been to school has a story to tell about his/her school life. However, there is a huge difference amongst the experiences of students in private and government schools. As we all know that private schools are expensive, they teach to earn profit, and due to the immense competition, they are motivated to work with all their potential to ensure an enriching experience to its students. For them, better result means more profit. On the other hand, the government schools have no such motivation or competition. Due, to this, the infrastructure and the quality of education imparted to the students take a backseat. The result is for all to see. High school dropout rates, incomplete education, laid back students are a common scene at a government school.

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Vijay Suryanarayana


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