World Water Day Competition - 2019 Winners
This year there were 16 entries to the 2019 World Water Day Competition. Clubs from around the world tackled a variety of projects involving children, river bank rehabilitation, tree planting, water treatment plants, and river cleanups. There were two prizes, each for $500 US. 
Most Innovative - Rotary Club of Voi, Kenya 
Rotary Club of Voi’s project involved seedballs.  These are native tree and grass seeds which are enclosed in charcoal dust and can be thrown anywhere by anybody, alongside rivers to increase the vegetation along the riparian land, in deforested, environmentally degraded areas, on charcoal kilns where people had cut down trees to make charcoal and basically anywhere that needs trees. Since they can be thrown anywhere in any season, they are well protected by the charcoal dust, waiting for the rainy season and voila, they start to germinate.  Such a creative way to impact the problem of soil erosion. Read more about their project.
 Rotary Club of Nasik Grapecity’s project involved a riverside tree planting project improving the environment for their city population, and the installation of a water filtration plant at a local school benefiting 1500 students. Read more about their project.