People Of WASH
People of WASH
Annual Photograph and Video Competition
The Water and Sanitation Rotarian Action Group (WASRAG) plans to create a digital library of photographs and videos available to all Rotarians to promote WASH projects on social media, websites, flyers and other promotional materials.
We need pictures and videos that capture Rotarians working on water, sanitation, and/or hygiene projects. For example, we are looking for people building washrooms, constructing dams, and children washing their hands. While important, we do not want ribbon cuttings or check presentations.
Photography (There will be an Amateur and Professional category)
First            $200          Second      $100          Third          $50
Videos (There will be an Amateur and Professional category)
First            $500          Second      $250          Third          $100
This is an annual competition. Submissions are due by 1 May of each year and the winners will be announced at the WASRAG Annual Meeting, held at the time of the Rotary International Convention.
To make a submission to the competition, please send an email to to determine the best way to make a submission based on file size.
Please see the next page for the rules and guidelines of the program.
Rules and Guidelines:
  1. The competition is open to all Rotarians and members of the Family of Rotary (Rotaractors, Community Corp, family members, etc.).
  1. Photographs and videos could be taken recently or in the past, but only submitted once to the People of WASH competition.
  1. Photographs will be highlighted on the WASRAG Facebook page and added to the WASRAG “People of WASH” photo album on the website.
  1. Photographs or videos must be submitted by 1 May to be eligible for the current year’s competition. Submissions after 1 May will be eligible for the following year’s competition.
  1. Photographs and videos are recommended to include the current Rotary logo. 
  1. Submitters need to provide their name, Rotary Club, a brief description of the photograph, and their email address.
  1. Submitters consent to having their photograph or video used on social media, print material, and websites by WASRAG and/or other Rotary groups.
  1. Photographs are encouraged to have a photo credit, but not required. WASRAG will add a photo credit if photographs are submitted without a credit.
  1. Videos should indicate credits. WASRAG will not add any credits if the video is submitted without credits.
  1. Winners will be notified by email. WASRAG will work with the winners to determine the best way to provide their winnings.
By submitting a photograph or video, you grant WASRAG and other Rotary clubs the rights to use, print, publish, reproduce, distribute, edit, and display your photograph or video in whole or in part. You agree that WASRAG and other Rotary clubs can use your photograph or video for the purpose of promoting water, sanitation, and hygiene initiatives.